Project Management
Large-scale software projects can be difficult to manage, particularly when you've got people handling different aspects (user interface, testing, documentation) from multiple locations. We can centralize and schedule everything so you don't have to worry about it.

IT Applicant Pre-Screening
A recent addition to our service list is the IT Applicant pre-screening process. Many of the calls received for work here have been a result of an expanding business hiring IT staff without being certain how to tell if the individual has the required skills to do the work. In the end, business owners have found themselves hiring charismatic people that turned out to be incapable of performing the job. Don't spend weeks on wages only to find out that nothing's been done! Call us and we'll help you qualify the candidate list.

Software Development
Looking for user-friendly desktop or Internet application development? Whether you're talking about a desktop application for internal company use or an Internet endeavour to reach millions of users, 98 Pounds has the skill and expertise to create your vision quickly and cost-efficiently.

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